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Imagine shopping for a couch from the comfort of your home

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Kingsmen’s goal is to bring the lounge suite of your dreams to your door without you leaving the sanctuary of your home by simply the press of a button.

A couch is not only the focal

furniture piece of your lounge.

It is the go-to spot for you to kick back and relax, watch a bit of telly, read a novel or chat to friends and family. If you’re in the market for a new couch, you’ve come to the right place.

Whatever your decision

Kingsmen Suites has a couch to suit your taste, budget and lifestyle.
We manufacture top quality and custom-made  leather and fabric upholstered furniture, ensuring that your furniture always looks its best

There can’t be a river without water and there can’t be a smoke without fire.

These are two of the obvious facts in life and another of these life facts is that there can’t be a living room without a lounge suite.


Which range will you choose?

Your home deserves the very best from you, and the best you can do for your home is

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Happy Customers

Congrats to Margie & Doug Scott on their brand new Da Vinci 3 PCE Lounge Suite.

Materials We Use

All couches are made of specialised foam to add extra comfort.

Our leather couches are made of polyurethane leather which is used in the automotive industry by Range Rover and is taking over the furnishing industry. It is a superb intermediate between original and synthetic leather but outclasses synthetic leather by light years. In terms of performance polyurethane leather is water proof and can be dry cleaned. it is soft, supple and much lighter then genuine leather making it more luxurious, otherwise why would Jaguar and Range Rover adopt this material.

All fabric used on the lounge suites are shenniel, only the most durable and stunning fabric to decorate your home with this stirling material.

With our materials at Kingsmensuites, your couch will be aesthetically appealing but also of immense quality.